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Clubshop Global Partner System


  • The GPS is a fully automated online shopping mall equipped with an advanced dedicated marketing platform, comprehensive training, and an integrated CRM system.
  • This complete business service provides a turnkey shopping mall boasting hundreds of big-name stores, all set and ready to generate sales.
  • Our unique business-building system is so user-friendly that even someone new to computers or networking can effectively market their exclusive online mall worldwide with minimal effort.
  • The Global Partner System (GPS) delivers EVERYTHING needed for success, including access to the Company’s Advertising Cooperative System.
  • As a VIP member, you stand to benefit from our exceptionally generous compensation plan. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better offer elsewhere. Delve deeper into the details on this page to see for yourself.
  • By becoming a VIP, you also gain a resale license. This allows you to offer the GPS shopping center to prospective partners. As you expand, establish new "VIP" branches globally, collaboratively building a resilient organization that prospers day by day.



Within 24 hours of your registration, you'll start receiving new personal shopper members in real time. However, these shoppers, in addition to you, will have other co-sponsors and will permanently remain with the first co-sponsor who activates their GPS. These shoppers will join the existing 20 shoppers already included in your VIP GPS subscription, making a total of 40 shoppers potentially interested in activating the GPS and making purchases!

But act quickly! Because you're sharing them with others, you might lose them at any moment. Moreover, if any of them activates VIP GPS before you, they will bypass you, and in that case, you'll lose them as well. On the other hand, right after subscribing to GPS, you'll have the guarantee of becoming their exclusive sponsor.

Stay on this page and refresh it multiple times to see how the number of your shoppers and your potential commissions grow.

On average, you'll start receiving the first shoppers and commissions about 5 to 10 minutes after registration. Keep in mind that, at this moment, thanks to the Leadership Sponsor Bonus explained further down on this page, you can earn an immediate profit of $75 for each VIP GPS subscription these shoppers might activate after you become a VIP. Check the counters below for more clarity.



After your INSTANT DUPLICATION PROGRAM ends, all Clubshoppers and potential commissions are lost.

Current Potential
Commissions Balance


This counter shows the current difference between your potential commissions already earned and lost. It represents how much you could earn ($75 each) if, after activating your GPS, all these Clubshoppers also subscribe to the GPS. If you find this incentive appealing, remember that after your GPS activation, we'll deliver an additional 20 Clubshoppers with the same incentive.

Clubshoppers Received


This counter shows how many of the promised 20 Clubshoppers have already been delivered.



This counter shows how many of the promised 20 Clubshoppers we delivered you have already lost.

Potential Commissions Earned

$1 200

This counter shows the total potential commissions generated by all potential VIPs we have already delivered.

Potential Commissions Lost


This counter shows how much of your potential commissions generated by all potential VIPs we have delivered you've already lost.

Don't risk losing everything we're building for you!





After your INSTANT DUPLICATION PROGRAM ends, all Clubshoppers, potential commissions, AND RESALE LICENSE DISCOUNT are lost.


Take your membership to the next level by upgrading to VIP through our Global Partner System—and here's an irresistible opportunity!

You are entitled to an extraordinary 100% discount on the GPS Resale License for a limited time, saving you $100 instantly. 

But hurry, this exclusive offer won't be around for long—the countdown has begun!

Don't miss out on securing your complimentary VIP Resale License; it's your chance to elevate your experience with us. Seize this unique opportunity while it's still available. Upgrade today and claim your complimentary GPS Resale License now!

Claim your $100 DISCOUNT NOW! Pay Only The GPS Monthly FEE!

Particularly Ambitious?

Skyrocket Your Growth

Should you wish to expedite your business growth, you can purchase additional advertising shares. These will enhance the monthly influx of new members to your Clubshop Mall, supplementing the advertising shares that come standard with your GPS activation.

Ultra-condensed VIP Compensation Plan


All you need to do is select and sponsor just 6 VIPs (Vested Income Partners) and assist them in becoming independent as soon as possible.

Next, you’ll see how your monthly leadership income can systematically grow through the combined power of GPS and our exciting and exclusive incentive plan.

You will quickly notice that the number of people involved in your VIP organization is remarkably low compared to the high monthly earnings.

No other compensation plan in the industry can match these opportunities.

If you are aware of a better plan, we invite you to share it with us.
Each month, you will receive the higher of the two incomes generated from the following income sources:

  • A) Direct Monthly Commissions: You earn $25 monthly for each VIP GPS subscription monthly renewal.
  • B) Leadership Monthly Income: Refer to the table below to see the guaranteed monthly income based on your achievements.


Inviting new VIPs to join your Clubshop organization with your VIP GPS is easy!

In addition to your personal contacts, to whom you can quickly present the extraordinary opportunity to become a VIP, you will also benefit from our cooperative advertising program.

No Contacts? Unsure About Marketing Your Business? No Worries! You can leverage our Cooperative Advertising Program as your exclusive source of potential customers and VIPs!

This program will consistently provide you with new FREE Clubshoppers, delivered in real-time to your account, expanding your business.

In the first month of your GPS VIP subscription, you will immediately receive 10 shares, corresponding to 20 new members in your FREE Global Market fe-Commerce!

$50 Earnings Instantly Credited to Your VIP Account!

When you embark on your exciting journey as a VIP with the Global Partner System, we believe in giving you a strong head start. Introducing the "Generous Sponsor Welcome Bonus"!

When you choose to join our global community and subscribe to the Clubshop Global Partner System, you'll receive an instant $50 bonus credited directly to your earnings account.

This incredible incentive is made possible thanks to our dedicated sponsor, Fabrizio Perotti, who is excited to support you as you begin your business venture.

With an additional $50 already earned, you'll be off to a flying start, ready to unlock the incredible earning potential that Clubshop offers. Don't miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your success – join us today, and let's grow together!

A message from our Sponsor Fabrizio Perotti

Dear VIP Candidate,

I am thrilled to welcome you to the Clubshop Global Partner System! I am honored to support you as you embark on this exciting journey.

To kickstart your online business, I'm delighted to offer you a fantastic incentive – a $50 bonus that will be instantly credited to your earnings account when you subscribe.

This bonus is our way of giving you a head start and showing our commitment to your success.

It's time to unlock the potential of Clubshop fe-Commerce and watch your earnings grow.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance along the way. I'm here to help you every step of the way.

Let's achieve great things together!

Warm regards,
Fabrizio Perotti

Boost Your Earnings Instantly

The Generous Sponsor Welcome Bonus


Begin Your Journey with an Extra $50!

Qualify As  A Clubshop VIP

Why Choose GPS?



Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

GPS equips you with a suite of cutting-edge tools tailored to drive growth. Our strategic resources, personalized guidance, and data-driven insights will help you navigate the world of fe-commerce like a pro.



Ethical Commerce, Ethical Success

The GPS subscribes to the principles of fair, ethical, and solidarity commerce.
With every step you take, you're contributing to a fair, transparent, and supportive global marketplace.



Solidarity Engine

Your success doesn't come at the expense of others—it's interconnected. As a GPS subscriber, you're not just building your business but creating opportunities for Clubshop Free Shopper Members to earn money alongside you.

Ready to get started right here today

and help us boost fe-Commerce development worldwide?

Don't let the NEW GPS opportunity slip away. If you've recognized that GPS is the solution you've been seeking, the time to act is now. Avoid the trap of procrastination and seize the chance to revolutionize your business with Clubshop Global Partner System. Your success story begins here, so subscribe today and embark on a journey of growth, collaboration, and ethical commerce.

GPS Subscription

Special Offer Pricing: $50/Month

Annual Resale License $100  FREE!

Included Features:

  • ​Fully Managed 3D Online Mall
  • ​Cashback Loyalty Program
  • ​Automatic Coupons and special offers feed
  • ​Company's Omnichannel Notification System
  • ​Banner Generator and marketing aids
  • ​Customizable Merchandising Access
  • ​AI Content Creator + Writing Assistant
  • ​Multilingual Chat
  • ​TNT Business Building System
  • ​TNT Commissions Entitlement
  • ​Cooperative Advertising Entitlement
  • ​Shop & Build Program
  • ​Mobile App Referral System
  • ​Landing Page System
  • ​COOP Advertising Shares Included
  • ​AI Empowered Activity Report
  • ​Follow-up records system
  • ​Integrated Mailing System
  • ​Email Tracking System
  • ​Tracking Charts
  • ​Email Signature Creator
  • ​Advanced Reporting System
  • ​Meeting scheduling system
  • ​Leadership Income Entitlement
  • ​Clubshop Support Team Priority
  • ​Automatic Multilingual Auto-responder system
  • ​Fully Managed 3D Online Mall
  • ​Cashback Loyalty Program
  • ​Automatic Coupons and special offers feed
  • ​Company's Omnichannel Notification System
  • ​Banner Generator and marketing aids
  • ​Customizable Merchandising Access
  • ​AI Content Creator
  • ​Multilingual Chat
  • ​TNT Business Building System
  • ​TNT Commissions Entitlement
  • ​Cooperative Advertising Entitlement
  • ​Shop & Build Program
  • ​Mobile App Referral System
  • ​Landing Page System
  • ​COOP Advertising Shares Included
  • ​Activity Report
  • ​Follow up records system
  • ​Integrated Mailing System
  • ​Email Tracking System
  • ​Tracking Charts
  • ​Email Signature Creator
  • ​Advanced Reporting System
  • ​Meeting scheduling system
  • ​Leadership Income Entitlement
  • ​Clubshop Support Team Priority
  • ​Automatic Multilingual Auto-responder system

Claim Your $100 DISCOUNT NOW! Pay Only The GPS Monthly Fee!

Satisfaction Guarantee: Subscribe to your GPS VIP. You have no obligations, and you may cancel at any moment. Every following month, you may decide whether to renew your GPS. We do not charge automatically. We know you’ll be happy to renew it!

What's In It For You?

Imagine being your own boss with a sizable passive income. Clubshop empowers you to not only increase your earnings, but also reclaim your time. As a VIP, you escape workplace constraints and reduce responsibilities as your income grows. Picture a future where your downline flourishes, generating a substantial monthly leadership income. Even if it takes time, the rewards are worth it.

Consider your current position: Are your earnings fulfilling? Do you have the time to enjoy them? With Clubshop, you can achieve both. As a VIP, you'll uncover the potential for limitless earnings, abundant free time, and the lifestyle you aspire to. Seize the opportunity now to reshape your future.


Exclusive Tools

Gain access to tools that optimize your operations, streamline your marketing efforts, and elevate your credibility and authority in the online marketplace.


Accelerated Growth

Elevate your business to new heights with comprehensive training, strategies, and support from industry experts who master the dynamics of fair and ethical commerce.


Global Impact

Actively contribute to the creation of a Free Global Market where everyone benefits—fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among Clubshop members worldwide.


Join the Movement

Be part of something greater than yourself. Harness the power of fe-Commerce to revolutionize the way you do business while building a stronger, fairer global community.


Have Faith, Follow The Path, Never Give Up!

Ready to Begin?

Your journey towards a thriving, ethical, and solidarity-driven business starts here. Take action now and embrace the future of commerce with Clubshop Global Partner System.

Empower your business. Empower the world.

Not Sure If The GPS Is The Right Solution For you?

See If You Can Answer YES To All The Following Questions.

We are more than happy to welcome everyone as a VIP if they can think about themselves and honestly answer YES to all the questions below.


The 10 VIP Selection Questions

To ensure optimal use of your GPS, please provide answers to the following questions:


Do you agree that your success stems from an initial and unwavering commitment to triumph over obstacles throughout your journey?


Are you aware that financial freedom isn’t attained without effort and work and that outstanding results require dedication?


Do you agree that passion, enthusiasm, and joy serve as your driving force on the path to success, without which progress is limited?


Are you cognizant that genuine success necessitates patience and persistence rather than being achievable within a matter of weeks or months?


Do you recognize that significant achievements often arise from past failures, and are you equipped with the resilience to embrace setbacks?


Are you open to humbly acknowledging that, even with substantial experience in other fields, mastery in your business requires a thorough understanding of its nuances?


Are you willing to generously invest your time in aiding others without expecting immediate returns?


Are you conscious that hesitation and procrastination can lead to failure, whereas swift and resolute decisions underpin success?


Do you understand that consistently shifting from one opportunity to another increases the likelihood of failure, and that steadfastness is pivotal to success?


Clubshop prioritizes its members’ interests and expects reciprocal prioritization, particularly during challenging times. Do you endorse this stance?

Did you succeed in your internal test?

If your response is YES to all 10 questions, we extend a warm invitation to become a Clubshop Vested Income Partner (VIP) and enroll in the GPS.



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