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fe-Commerce Global Market JumpStart

How It Works

Unlock Rapid Progress with 12 fe-Shopper Members instantly delivered to your Global Market!

As a new Clubshop Member, you can request the JumpStart option within your first 30 days. Once activated, you'll have 48 hours to make a small purchase of $30 or more from our wide selection of products at the Clubshop Outlet to test how good being a savvy Clubshopper is! 😀

You can also find smart product recommendations on the next page to boost your JumpStart even further.

Once completed, you'll be rewarded with 6 COOP Shares, granting you 12 Shopper Member accounts in your TNT Global Market.

These 12 Shopper Members will also have the chance to request JumpStart, fostering remarkable duplication and potentially explosive growth within your team.

This powerful cycle of growth drives your success further!

Empowering Dreams: JumpStart Unveiled

Why Your First Step Can Make All the Difference.

  • Benefit: Rapid Growth: Unlock exponential team expansion from the get-go.
  • Multiply Earnings: Instantly unlock your monthly right to earn commissions as your team duplicates.
  • COOP Shares: Earn COOP Shares for even more earning potential.
  • Leadership Example: Lead by example, inspire your growing team to succeed, and ask for the JumpStart.
  • Accelerated Success: Achieve your financial goals faster with JumpStart.
  • Networking Power: Start building a solid network of shoppers and like-minded entrepreneurs without effort.
  • Financial Freedom: Take steps toward financial freedom from day one.
  • Global Impact: Contribute to global growth and prosperity.

How To Build A Large Monthly Passive With ZERO Investment?

Your Goal As A clubshop Active Shopper Member

As a Clubshop Free Shopper, get ready to harness the incredible potential of our proven Taproot Networking Technique (TNT). Imagine yourself as the co-owner of a vast Shopping Center with a Global Market consisting of 10,000 shoppers, each generating an average monthly commission of $1. How much could you earn every month?

The Answer Is Surprisingly Simple 😉:

$10,000 / Monthly Passive Income

The big question

"How Can I Build a 10,000-People Global Market for Passive Income?" 🧐

How to Build a Significant Monthly Passive Income with Zero Investment.

Unlock the Power of Clubshop's Taproot Networking Technique (TNT)

As a Clubshop Free Shopper, you're about to embark on an exciting journey fueled by a proven strategy developed over two decades. This strategy leverages TNT, combined with the revolutionary fe-Commerce concept.

Clubshop Active Shoppers tend to support retailers who share our commitment to fair and ethical commerce. These retailers are more than willing to share a portion of their profits with shoppers like you. Imagine being able to shop at popular brands or local stores while simultaneously building a substantial income from global mass consumption. It's an opportunity that countless other Clubshop Members have seized.

Now, picture this: With the JumpStart option, available on this page, not only can you experience the effectiveness of fe-Commerce by making a small purchase at Clubshop Outlet within 48 hours and earning instant cashback,

but you also gain the right to...

...earn commissions on all the shoppers in your FREE TNT Global Market.

Unlock Even More Value...'ll also receive 6 Cooperative Advertising Shares, which will introduce a minimum of 12 new Shopper Members into your TNT Global Market!

But wait, there's more!

...these 12 new Shopper Members are granted the same opportunity as you to request the FREE JumpStart Option!

Here's a real-world example of what your FREE Global Market could resemble after just a few weeks or months. Each of those green circles represents FREE Shoppers enthusiastic about supporting our Fair Retailers. Now, picture each one generating a monthly average commission for you—whether it's $1, $2, $3, or more! The possibilities are boundless, limited only by your own imagination.

Clubshop fe-Commerce


Exclusive Tools

Gain access to tools that optimize your operations, streamline your marketing efforts, and elevate your credibility and authority in the online marketplace.


Accelerated Growth

Elevate your business to new heights with comprehensive training, strategies, and support from industry experts who master the dynamics of fair and ethical commerce.


Global Impact

Actively contribute to the creation of a Free Global Market where everyone benefits—fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among Clubshop members worldwide.


Join the Movement

Be part of something greater than yourself. Harness the power of fe-Commerce to revolutionize the way you do business while building a stronger, fairer global community.


Have Faith, Follow The Path, Never Give Up!

Ready to Begin?

Your journey towards a thriving, ethical, and solidarity-driven business starts here. Take action now and embrace the future of commerce with Clubshop Global Partner System.

Empower your business. Empower the world.



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